Friday, November 20, 2009

Putting the Boutique to Bed Until Next Year

I don't know if anyone will be checking this blog out now that the boutique is over, but just in was great! Every year it gets better. There are so many people to thank: our wonderful families who help us out (mostly cheerfully) with everything from dusting corners to moving large heavy pieces of furniture and display items that enjoy injuring us, also our amazing crafters who never cease to fill us with joy over their fine workmanship and unparalleled creativity, then there are all our customers - old faithful and new acquaintances - who keep coming and supporting the show. We try really hard to create a fun, friendly, cozy atmosphere and hope like crazy that everyone who walks through our door feels glad they came and leaves with happy anticipation for the coming Christmas season. We are grateful for you all and look forward to seeing you again next year. Someday, we may even do a spring show so we won't have to wait so long to enjoy you all again. Let us know what you think.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

'Twas the Night Before the Boutique . . .

Well everyone, Charla and I have been working our "you-know-whats" off, as have many of our family members (hugs and kisses). Things are looking pretty darn fine. Our crafters have really gone above and beyond. We have just a little tweaking to do bright and early in the morning and then our 2009 show will be off and running! There are so many amazing things to see. I've already started my stash of things to purchase (U of U dresses for your little girls, anyone?). My Christmas list will have an awful lot of things taken care of at the boutique! Anyhoo, I promised to post our last giveaway winner tonight. So . . . Lisa Fairbrother! (Are you related to the wrestlers from Murray?) When you come to the show just find Lauri (I do look a little like our caricature - the one with the blond hair and dimple). I'll be wandering around restocking or answering questions or just enjoying meeting new people and greeting dear friends. If by chance, you can't find me, then ask Charla or Annette at the cash registers, tell them who you are, and they'll be happy to present you with your prize. By the way all of you who need to have a great appetizer for your Christmas party, check out Joan Gregory's Pepper Jelly in the kitchen. Tasty, quick, and impressive. You'll find lots of other deliciousness in there, too! Can't wait to share everything with you! Hurry on over!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Time for One More Quick Giveaway

Okay folks - this will be a fast one. Charla has offered a set of her beautiful watercolor notecards for this giveaway. All you have to do is comment at the bottom of this post and you'll be entered in the drawing. I'll post winners Tuesday night!

Everything for the boutique started arriving yesterday and all I can say is WOW - we've got a whole grundle of talented crafters! So many cool things. I can't wait for you to see it all! Next year I'll have better computer capabilities so I can get some pictures on here for you, but let me just give you a little bit of a picture in words. Fabulous stained glass - Purses with pizazz for mom and daughter - Whimsical watches - Necklaces galore - Tasty pepper jelly - Darling nativities - My new favorite soft toys - Great vinyl art - Dotty art - Darling onesies - Mimiware to die for - the list just goes on and on. I'm definitely going to get some great Christmas shopping done. I'll share some more of what arrives on Monday. Charla and I are so excited for you all to come!

Don't forget to comment to be entered in the drawing. See you starting Wednesday!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Sorry to take so long to post the winners of our first giveaway, but computer difficulties have put us behind a bit! So without further ado - here are the winners:

Mrs. M.

When you winners come to the boutique, either find me (Lauri) or ask Charla at checkout to collect your Twelve Gifts of Thanksgiving. And yes, Bob, you've got to come in yourself, but please bring Joy with you - we love her too!

and Debbie, if you'll come introduce yourself to me, I'll have something for you, also!

Look for another giveaway in the next day or so . . .

Friday, October 30, 2009

Talk About Committed!

We've mentioned before how we have a combination of crafters - those who have been with us from day one, some who have joined us along the way, and each year we find some new and wonderful people. Well, today, I'd like to introduce you to the ones that have been faithful since the beginning.

Cari Newbold (Lauri's sister) started crafting with us way back when she was still a way cute teenager making clothespin Christmas ornaments and bow earrings. These days she's a mother of eight!, still way cute (even pretty much the same tiny size - no fair!) and making great stuff with her own darling daughter M'kynzi. This year they are making our favorite awesome earrings and bracelets, gorgeous caramel apples, and colorful "froofee-toos" - tutus for your budding ballerinas. Cari and M'kynzi both have such a sense of style, are wonderfully humorous, and they would do anything to be of assistance - and have done so considerably for us over the years.

Annette Emmer (Charla's sister) has done all sorts of beautiful things for the show, from dolls and hobby horses to beautiful hand-painted serving trays and hand-pieced table runners. She's a talented artist and this year will bring beautiful notecards and paintings - both watercolor and acrylic. She's been a great help at check-out for several years now also. Annette is a quiet tower of strength, doing so much in the background to make the show successful. We don't know what we would do without our sibling's assistance - KUDOS TO ALL OF YOU!

Charla's sisters-in-law Kathy Buhler and Diane Wiscombe have always been along for the ride, occasionally hosting boutiques of their own, also. I wish I had pictures to share with you of Kathy's amazing pecan logs, caramels, and dipped pretzels! Oh my . . . they are so amazing . . . mouth-watering . . . you ABSOLUTELY MUST try them all. The pretzels are standard additions to Christmas stockings at my house and I could not make it through a single day of the boutique without a fix of one or two of her caramels. The pecan logs sell out every year - we have women who call before the show even starts asking for us to set some aside for them (same with the pretzels). And, her prices are so, so reasonable! Kathy does a lot of other fun little items also - scrapbook pages, barrettes, etc. She's so organized that she always gets a plethora of great things done. But I have to add that above and beyond all the talented things Kathy does, she is one of the nicest people you could ever have the pleasure of knowing. Diane is another prolific crafter. Some of the things she contributes include rubber stamps, bath salts, great neighbor and teacher gifts, and stocking stuffers galore. But ladies (and you brave gents who are courageous enough to come), if you have any teenagers at your house, you will be a BIG hit if you bring home one (or more) of her giant peanut butter cups! We have several teens who come just to grab a handful of those. For several years we had an itty-bitty teenage gal (who has since gone away to college) who would come two or three times a day - every day of the boutique - to grab another of those tasty giants. She assured us she was eating them all, but we couldn't figure out where they were going! Anyhoo, in addition to her talents, Diane is such a friendly soul with a wonderful laugh.

And last, but not least, of our stalwarts is a dear friend from our old neighborhood, Linda Tabish. She has many talents, but for our show she specializes in one INCREDIBLE thing. Chocolate-covered turtles! These are not the chocolate turtles you see with nuts sticking out as heads and legs. These actually look like little chocolate turtles. Linda uses only the highest-quality and best-tasting chocolate, caramel and nuts. Yet another Christmas tradition. My husband and father-in-law, especially, would be completely happy if they found nothing else in their stockings! We don't feel like the boutique is complete without those yummy confections. And we love to see and visit with Linda again.

Just a quick reminder - the first giveaway will be ending soon, so don't forget to comment on that post!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Giveaway Number One!

If you'll look at one of last year's posts titled "Crafter Highlight - Lauri" you'll find a description and picture of what we're giving away first. "The Twelve Gifts of Thanksgiving" is a great addition to any Thanksgiving celebration. You could win one if you'll leave a comment and add your email address to our list (check out the contact information on the sidebar). We'll pick two names randomly and announce the winners at the end of the month. If you've been to our show before, leave a comment telling us what you enjoy about it. We'll pick an additional winner from those comments! Winners can pick up their prizes during the boutique - just ask for Lauri or Charla!

MAKE it a great day!

Since our boutique is only once a year and coming up quickly, we've got to get word out! Please tell your friends through facebook, twitter, your blogs, word of mouth, etc.! We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Soup and/or Salsa anyone?

We're looking for someone who does fabulous soups and salsas (even hot chocolates and ciders) to join our show. They've been a tradition in the boutique for years that makes my mouth water just thinking about them. But sadly, the ladies who did them are no longer doing them. If you or someone you know is interested, leave a comment with your email address or use the contact info on the side bar.

Look for a giveaway tomorrow!

Friday, October 9, 2009

One Month and Counting!

Wow - 2009 has flown by! Charla and I have been busy for several weeks now putting together this year's show. We are so excited to have many of our favorite crafters back and some new friends who are bringing lots of fabulous new items. This is just a quick update for now. Check back in the days to come to discover a glimpse of what you'll find at "All Through the House". We may even have a giveaway or two. We're looking forward to seeing you soon.