Monday, November 21, 2011

Until Next Spring . . .

Wow! The boutique was so amazingly busy, fun, crazy, etc. Other than some bookkeeping and a few other minor details, we're about done with this show. Our apologies for not posting the winner of the Purs'nal Pal earlier. We did notify Michelle that she won that giveaway and she was ever so excited! Charla and I are slowly getting our homes back in order and our mental faculties and physical well-being are returning. Turns out that too many successive 20-hour days take a toll on just about everything.

We just can't put this show to bed without first thanking so many people who make this event possible:

Our families, who not only put up with absentee wives and mothers (and a lot of convenience food), but cheerfully help out with posting signs, make sure we remember to eat and drink, move lots of heavy items, put up with our grumpiness when things get a little overwhelming, and so many, many other things. Kudos especially to my sweet Dave, who saved the day when the wind decided to wreck havoc with our signs, and for the million other things he does, and to Charla's Ray for getting the Christmas lights up early, catering to our continually changing ideas of where what needs to go to look best, and for the million other things he also does.

Our crafters and vendors, who are not only incredibly talented, but are so wonderful to work with and, so very kind-hearted, helpful and fun. We've rejoiced with them in their happy experiences, and grieved with those who have had heartaches in recent months. Our prayers are with those who are facing difficulties. These outstanding people are the salt of the earth and we are so blessed to count them as friends. A special shout-out to Kevin - who slips in and out quietly - making sure that the atmosphere before you even get to the front door is welcoming and magical.

Our customers/friends - the new ones who have just found us and brought their enthusiasm with them, and the old faithful ones who come year after year. We love getting to know each of you and love getting to catch-up with lovely people who we don't get to see so very often. We have lovely ladies (and a few gents) who come every single day and those that we see less often. We love watching the teens and kids who come and ooh and aah over all the fun stuff. I personally can't believe (and I know Charla would ditto this) how many friends I've made over the years as a direct result of the show.

When things get hard pulling this off, thinking of all of you is what gets us through.

We value your opinions and would appreciate if you'd let us know of any suggestions you might have to help us make the next show even better.

We love you all.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Second Winner and Third Giveaway

Our winner of the $25 boutique gift certificate is proof that persistence pays off. I think she has entered every single giveaway we've done and finally . . .


We can't wait to see what you decide to get at the boutique. Congratulations!

Our next giveaway is courtesy of the wonderful ladies at Purs'nal Pal. I've written about the dynamic duo, Wendy and Donna, right here and here. They have generously offered one of their mini organizers to the winner of this drawing. It's been three or four years since I got my "Lil Red Riding Hood" Purs'nal Pal. It still gets used every day and still looks (and works) great! Definitely one of the best investments I've ever made. So comment, or post something lovely about the boutique on facebook or your blog and send us the link in a comment, and you will be entered in this drawing.

Charla and I have had such fun seeing everything come through the door as we set up this year's show. You will not be disappointed. Come say hello and enjoy a festive experience!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Winner and Second Giveaway!

And the lucky winner of 6 jars of their choice of Tagge's Famous Fruit products is:

Melinda Davis!!!

Congratulations! We'll see you at the show when you come to choose your tasty jams and salsa.

Our second giveaway will be the coveted $25 All Through the House gift certificate to be spent on anything of the winner's choice at the boutique.

To enter, comment on the blog, "like" us on facebook, or, if you invite people to come to the boutique on your blog and send us the link in a comment on our blog or if you share the boutique announcement on facebook, you will get two entries in the drawing. Winner will be announced late Saturday night (if I'm not totally wasted from setting up the show).

As always, winners must come to the show to pick up their prizes, or they will be forfeited.

I can hardly believe that our vendors are bringing their things for us to start setting up tomorrow. It's going to be a great show! We'll see you then.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Tasty Tagge's Products - First Giveaway Fall 2011

Charla and I look forward to the boutique for many reasons - not the least of which is the opportunity to stock up on our favorite salsas and jams from Tagge's. So, we're happy to announce that the first giveaway this time will be one half-case of your choice of the many wonderful taste sensations that Tagge's Famous Fruit offers. You'll find a tasty recipe using some of their products right here. And below, you can see a view of a small part of their beautiful Utah farm. Thayne and Cari have worked hard to learn the art of farming. The results speak for themselves. The quality just can't be beat. You have two ways to enter our random drawing. You can leave a comment here or you can "like" us on facebook. Either way, one lucky winner will be announced soon. Good luck!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is It Already That Time Again?

Oh my, yes here it is all over again! Last week, Charla and I spent a pleasant afternoon (and then some) labeling and stamping our boutique flyers, finalizing our crafter list, noshing on some yummy Cafe Rio (thanks to my sweet daughter Sica for making that possible!) I will post our fall show crafters in the next day or two. Next week I will start our blog giveaways - so check back! We've got some generous vendors who have offered some very nice prizes. We'll look forward to seeing you soon!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Cooking Classes

I've still got a few openings left. Click on the flyer for a clearer image. Let me know if you're interested - my info is in the flyer. I need to have a final count by the end of the week so that I can order enough aprons, cookbooks, and other fun stuff.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Something Fun!

One of our wonderful vendors, Brittany Fenton, is opening her own store. We can promise that you will find unique and fabulous things there! The location is 4646 South Highland Drive. It's directly north of that colorful new assisted living place on the west side of the street. Let's all help her get off to a great start!

Blue Bird Logo.jpg


Friday, May 20
Saturday. May 21

Gift with purchase, discounts, prizes & food!
Please join us for this event!

Enter to win one of 4 giveaways! $50 clothing gift certificate, Beautiful gift crate, tapestry painting & gorgeous cake stand!
To enter: email
Include name, number and email
Must be present to win Saturday @ noon!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Two Quick Highlights

So, at our November boutique "All Through the House" in 2010, we decided to do daily prize drawings at the show as part of our 30 years of doing this celebration. It was so much fun that we decided we wanted to keep doing it. Usually the prizes are just something small that tickled our fancy when we were shopping at fun local shops, but occasionally, one of vendors will donate a larger really, really nice item for us to give away. On Monday, amongst all our little prizes, there was a Purs'nal Pal purse organizer (click here) that one of our favorite customers and friend Chris Kelleher won. So mega thanks to Wendy and Donna of Purs'nal Pal for providing that. I'm still using and loving my own Purs'nal Pal - you can come on over to the show today and tomorrow and get yourself one of these awesome treasures.
Today we are doing another prize drawing and amongst all the little fun things - there is a bigger prize that some lucky customer is going to love. Thanks to Jayne Curtis of Wood'n It Be Nice for providing one of her beautifully created block groupings. You can click (here) to check out more of her creations. One of the hard things about doing this show is that I kind of want to take a couple of everything home with me - plain and simple not possible - but one of Jayne's Easter groupings is definitely coming to live at my place. I just am having a really hard time deciding which one because each is unique.
Come on over to the show today to enter this great prize drawing. And thanks again to our wonderful vendors!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wherein we announce another winner and then tell you how fabulous the show is looking!

The winner of the $25 Boutique Gift Certificate is:

The Thomas Family!

You know what to do - find me at the show and you'll be taken care of!

And now on to the show itself. So many of the great traditional things we have and so many fun new things. One of our new additions to the show is called Lasting Link. My cute sister-in-law, Mary Glauser, is the founder.
It's so fun to talk with her and feel of her enthusiasm for this project. Lasting Link is a nonprofit organization formed to meet the needs of the Top Generation (65 and older). Its purpose is to help members of the generation utilize their skills and abilities for as long as possible in purposeful activities, which helps to maintain dignity and independence. The revenue generated by Lasting Link provides products and services to those in the Top Generation with the greatest economic needs. Lasting Link also fosters a connection between the younger generation and Top Generation. It creates opportunities for older and younger Americans to meet one another, share ideas and develop friendships. You can purchase their cute headbands and marble bags at the show to help benefit this worthwhile endeavor!

Another newbie at our show is Lucha Shoes. I'm thrilled to brag this up not only because my son, Mike Glauser, is one of the guys responsible for this, but because they are truly a quality product at a reasonable price with a great purpose. You can watch their first fun video to learn more - just click here. Come check them out! Mike is also the good-looking blonde guy modeling the shoes on their posters at the show - can you say proud mother?

This is just a tiny sampling of all the fine products that you will find when you come to the boutique. If you check out some of our older posts, you will find much more! But the best way to discover everything is just to come on over to Charla's home. We hope to see you there!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Winner Winner . . . And one more drawing before the show starts!

The winner of six jars of Tagge's Famous Fruit products is:

Mommy D!!!

Yum! Just come talk to me at the show and we'll get you taken care of.

And the last drawing before the show starts (but we will be doing daily drawings at the show!) is for a $25 boutique gift certificate! Win this one and you get to spend it on ANY of the fabulous merchandise at the show. Nice! Start commenting to enter. I'll post the winner Wednesday morning before we open the show.

And last but not least - our vendors and crafters began dropping their wares off on Saturday and I can't even begin to tell you how many great things you will find when you come. We're talking Easter, Spring, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Spoil Yourself Day, Put Some Squeaky Shoes on Your Child Day, Give Your Tummy a Treat Day, and so on. We can't wait to share all this with you!

Now - enter the drawing and as I tell my kids frequently, "MAKE it a great day!"

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring 2011 Giveaway #2: Tagge's Famous Fruit

We are definitely going to have your taste buds working overtime with another yummy giveaway! If you've been to our boutique in the last couple of years, you know how wonderful Tagge's Famous Fruit products are! If you haven't - it's time you came and sampled the high-quality, tasty varieties of jams and salsa that they offer. Cari & Thayne Tagge have agreed to award the winner of this giveaway six - yes SIX - jars of your choice. I'm wishing I could enter this one myself. Check out this post for an easy, great recipe using a couple of their tasty offerings. To enter this one, just comment and tell us which salsa you would like us to put out for sampling the first day of the show - corn salsa, black bean salsa, or garden salsa. We'll post the winner on Monday and announce another giveaway.

If by chance you noticed the time that I am doing this post, you will know that my usual "boutique insomnia" has set in. Charla and I are doing some major work first thing in the morning to prepare for all of our fabulous vendors who will be bringing their things around noon. Wish me at least a few hours of deep sleep and START COMMENTING if you'd like us to keep doing these giveaways.!

And the winner is . . .


Come find me (Lauri) at the boutique, introduce yourself and we'll make sure you are taken care of well. Good luck narrowing down your yummy choices of Sandra's Pantry goodies. And THANK YOU Sandra for providing this prize!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

May I Say Tasty? A Giveaway Compliments of Sandra's Pantry

Time is short and I really want to get three giveaways accomplished before the show's opening day. So here's the deal - this giveaway is for two days only and there have to be at least 13 comments for it to happen! Thus, we need everyone to get the word out. Facebook it, tweet it, text it, phone call it, tell your neighbor when you go out to grab the mail - whatever - let's go big or go home. What is the prize? Let me tell you - if you like major deliciousness - you want to win this one! Several years ago, I met one of those women whose picture should be in the dictionary next to the word "cute". We were both volunteering at our kid's school and she really is such a wonderful example of womanhood and motherhood. Anyway, last winter my sweet friend Sandra Farish called and told us about these gourmet toppings she was making and wondered if she could put them in our show. Oh my, "gourmet" is far too tame a description for these extraordinary treats. They are designed to go on top of ice cream, cake, or other desserts, but my darling 15-year-old asked if I would please purchase some for her to eat straight from the bottle - they are that good! Sandra is giving away 2 half-pint or 1 pint jar of the winner's choice. Just to get your taste buds going - here are the varieties that the winner gets to choose from:

Dessert Toppings:

Pecan Praline
Bittersweet Chocolate Raspberry
Caramel Apple Pie
Cranberry Rum
Berry Delicious

Other Gourmet Delights:

Cabernet Wine Jelly (a cheese accompaniment)
Garden Fresh Chili Sauce
and maybe more - I just checked out her blog and she's got some other varieties - can't wait to see what she brings to the show!

So, to get this going - get everyone to comment. If we get at least 20 comments, we'll announce a winner on Friday! Then - plan on coming to the show next week and sampling Sandra's creations. Your sweet tooth will thank you!

2011 Spring Flyer

Friday, April 1, 2011

No Fooling - It's Coming!

Yikes! Our Spring show is almost here and I'm just now getting around to updating the blog. This will be a short post just to give you the basics. But look for more in the next day or two.

Charla and I (and some of our wonderful family members and one fabulous friend) had a movie/work night last night - watched "Tangled" and divided, labeled, and stamped thousands of fliers which went to the Post Office this morning. So there's no turning back now!

A Spring Boutique
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
April 13, 14, 15 & 16
11 am - 8 pm
2035 East Millstream Lane (3505 South)
Salt Lake City

We've got ever so many great creations coming. I'm already filling up my mental shopping cart.

Doing prize drawings at our last show was so much fun that we're going to do them again. And oh the blog giveaways you'll see in the next few days are going to be - well - most of them are going to be down right yummy - and the others just plain fun! I'll update our crafter list later today and start doing highlights and giveaways tomorrow!

We can't wait to see you!