Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vendor Highlight: My Growing Season

First of all, let me remind you to comment on the giveaway post. We just need a few more comments before we can select the winners and then . . . we'll post another great giveaway!

Michele Sly of My Growing Season is a mother of three with an entrepreneurial gene. I originally sought her out because I personally want to own each and every one of her products - and all my kids are already grown up! These are wonderful ways to teach and entertain children. Everything is so well made and she's got a great replacement policy if you're like most of us who find that pieces tend to go missing at times. Working with Michele has been a delight. Here are a few pictures of what she'll have at the boutique and there are ever so many more. There are also a couple of Christmas soft toys that are must haves - an advent calendar and a nativity set. I honestly don't know how anyone can limit themselves to just one item! Be sure to check out her website - just click on My Growing Season up above. Thank you Michele for being a great part of the show.


Diana Alm said...

these are super cute!

Amy said...

My children got those finger puppets as a gift, and they have been a big hit, especially at church.