Monday, November 21, 2011

Until Next Spring . . .

Wow! The boutique was so amazingly busy, fun, crazy, etc. Other than some bookkeeping and a few other minor details, we're about done with this show. Our apologies for not posting the winner of the Purs'nal Pal earlier. We did notify Michelle that she won that giveaway and she was ever so excited! Charla and I are slowly getting our homes back in order and our mental faculties and physical well-being are returning. Turns out that too many successive 20-hour days take a toll on just about everything.

We just can't put this show to bed without first thanking so many people who make this event possible:

Our families, who not only put up with absentee wives and mothers (and a lot of convenience food), but cheerfully help out with posting signs, make sure we remember to eat and drink, move lots of heavy items, put up with our grumpiness when things get a little overwhelming, and so many, many other things. Kudos especially to my sweet Dave, who saved the day when the wind decided to wreck havoc with our signs, and for the million other things he does, and to Charla's Ray for getting the Christmas lights up early, catering to our continually changing ideas of where what needs to go to look best, and for the million other things he also does.

Our crafters and vendors, who are not only incredibly talented, but are so wonderful to work with and, so very kind-hearted, helpful and fun. We've rejoiced with them in their happy experiences, and grieved with those who have had heartaches in recent months. Our prayers are with those who are facing difficulties. These outstanding people are the salt of the earth and we are so blessed to count them as friends. A special shout-out to Kevin - who slips in and out quietly - making sure that the atmosphere before you even get to the front door is welcoming and magical.

Our customers/friends - the new ones who have just found us and brought their enthusiasm with them, and the old faithful ones who come year after year. We love getting to know each of you and love getting to catch-up with lovely people who we don't get to see so very often. We have lovely ladies (and a few gents) who come every single day and those that we see less often. We love watching the teens and kids who come and ooh and aah over all the fun stuff. I personally can't believe (and I know Charla would ditto this) how many friends I've made over the years as a direct result of the show.

When things get hard pulling this off, thinking of all of you is what gets us through.

We value your opinions and would appreciate if you'd let us know of any suggestions you might have to help us make the next show even better.

We love you all.

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