Monday, April 30, 2012

Lucha Shoes Giveaway!!!

These are my go-to shoes, ladies! They have saved my feet during our boutiques for the last couple of years - so comfortable and stylish. Better quality, price and comfort than the "competition". I actually own FIVE pairs of these wonders (red, yellow, black, and two grey - my old trusties and new ones for when I want to be a little dressier). My first grey pair are one year old and are still going strong after being worn almost daily. The designers over at Lucha are striving for perfection and have made them even better, so my newer pairs should be even longer lasting. Your feet will love these shoes! The winner gets one pair of her/his choice. The rest of you can find them upstairs at our upcoming show. They come in grey, red, yellow and black for women or grey and ocean for men. Many thanks to the guys over at Lucha for offering this giveaway.

So, how to enter? Two ways:

Do a little blog post about our show   or

Share us on facebook   and

Comment here on our blog and let us know what you did - you'll get an entry for each way you enter.

Make sure to mark your calendars! Our upcoming show goes from May 9th - 12th and promises to have bunches of fun shopping for you!


Sara said...

I've been wanting a pair of these! I shared on FB :)

Kjersten said...

Looking forward to the show...and shared it on facebook!

Meg and Sammy said...

Always look forward to your boutiques! I shared the love on Facebook :) -Megan Fan

Utah Tri Girl said...

Shared on facebook. I LOVE this boutique!

Tina said...

I shared on facebook. Can't wait Love your boutique.

Debbie Hofmann said...

Can't wait for the show to start -- I loved the last boutique you did!!!!