Friday, April 15, 2011

Two Quick Highlights

So, at our November boutique "All Through the House" in 2010, we decided to do daily prize drawings at the show as part of our 30 years of doing this celebration. It was so much fun that we decided we wanted to keep doing it. Usually the prizes are just something small that tickled our fancy when we were shopping at fun local shops, but occasionally, one of vendors will donate a larger really, really nice item for us to give away. On Monday, amongst all our little prizes, there was a Purs'nal Pal purse organizer (click here) that one of our favorite customers and friend Chris Kelleher won. So mega thanks to Wendy and Donna of Purs'nal Pal for providing that. I'm still using and loving my own Purs'nal Pal - you can come on over to the show today and tomorrow and get yourself one of these awesome treasures.
Today we are doing another prize drawing and amongst all the little fun things - there is a bigger prize that some lucky customer is going to love. Thanks to Jayne Curtis of Wood'n It Be Nice for providing one of her beautifully created block groupings. You can click (here) to check out more of her creations. One of the hard things about doing this show is that I kind of want to take a couple of everything home with me - plain and simple not possible - but one of Jayne's Easter groupings is definitely coming to live at my place. I just am having a really hard time deciding which one because each is unique.
Come on over to the show today to enter this great prize drawing. And thanks again to our wonderful vendors!

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