Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wherein we announce another winner and then tell you how fabulous the show is looking!

The winner of the $25 Boutique Gift Certificate is:

The Thomas Family!

You know what to do - find me at the show and you'll be taken care of!

And now on to the show itself. So many of the great traditional things we have and so many fun new things. One of our new additions to the show is called Lasting Link. My cute sister-in-law, Mary Glauser, is the founder.
It's so fun to talk with her and feel of her enthusiasm for this project. Lasting Link is a nonprofit organization formed to meet the needs of the Top Generation (65 and older). Its purpose is to help members of the generation utilize their skills and abilities for as long as possible in purposeful activities, which helps to maintain dignity and independence. The revenue generated by Lasting Link provides products and services to those in the Top Generation with the greatest economic needs. Lasting Link also fosters a connection between the younger generation and Top Generation. It creates opportunities for older and younger Americans to meet one another, share ideas and develop friendships. You can purchase their cute headbands and marble bags at the show to help benefit this worthwhile endeavor!

Another newbie at our show is Lucha Shoes. I'm thrilled to brag this up not only because my son, Mike Glauser, is one of the guys responsible for this, but because they are truly a quality product at a reasonable price with a great purpose. You can watch their first fun video to learn more - just click here. Come check them out! Mike is also the good-looking blonde guy modeling the shoes on their posters at the show - can you say proud mother?

This is just a tiny sampling of all the fine products that you will find when you come to the boutique. If you check out some of our older posts, you will find much more! But the best way to discover everything is just to come on over to Charla's home. We hope to see you there!

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