Thursday, November 11, 2010

Best Friends Day Prize Drawing and Yesterday's Winners and a couple of Vendor Highlights

What a ride! We are having so much fun at the boutique. Yesterday we had Mother-Daughter Day where any Mother-Daughter combinations that came to the show got to enter a drawing for a couple of nice prizes. Here are the winners:

Nancy Green was the winner of the Purs'nal Pal purse organizer. My Purs'nal Pal has turned my purse from a bottomless pit to a fully functional helpmate. We know you are going to love it! Thanks to Wendy and Donna for providing such a great prize!

Julie Pos was the winner or her choice of four Silk Flower Clips. I wore one on my sweater yesterday and got all kinds of compliments. So we think you will enjoy picking some that you like. You can use them in so many ways - in you or your child's hair, on a sweater, jacket, belt, or scarf, even as a gift topper. Thanks to Staci and Ellie Metcalfe for the flowers. Ellie is our youngest crafter this year at a whopping six years old!

If you weren't one of the lucky winners, you can still get yourself some of these wonderful things at the boutique today.

And here is another chance to win some fun prizes: If you bring your best friend(s) to the show today, you both get to enter a fun prize drawing. The prizes today are a sweet dried floral arrangement from our amazing Valerie Rich, and a set of note cards (your choice) done by the incredibly talented Annette Emmer. You can see both of their work at the show.

Again, I apologize that I don't have any pictures for you today. But I wanted to let you know that Valerie Rich also does custom florals. My sweet 97-year-old Uncle Al gave us this awesome rosemalled (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong) antique milk can. The colors don't really go with my decor, but I asked Valerie what she could do with it and she was able to pick up some of the shades on the can and some from my house and the result is so great and her price was so reasonable. Even Uncle Al thought it was beautiful. She is definitely up to any challenge you can throw her way.

Annette Emmer has several pieces of her art work in our Artist's Corner. I've always admired her talent and know that you will enjoy seeing her artistry. She not only has orginal art there that you can purchase, but she has prints and notecards with many of her nicest pieces featured. Be sure to pick up a few packages so that all those holiday thank-you notes that you'll be writing will be especially nice. Annette is also one of the sweet people at the cash registers and we are so grateful for all the help she has freely given over the years.

Anyhoo . . . come to the show - you will not be disappointed!

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