Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random Thoughts

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Not so long ago, I saw a boutique that was advertised as "Not Your Mother's Boutique" and it made me wonder just what sets our show apart from others. Well, I think it comes down to a few things and these are in no particular order. You may find a lot of things that would appeal to your mother, but you will also find a lot of things that appeal to every member of your family and your friends. I kid you not. There are great things for babies, great things for toddlers, great things for preschoolers, great things for girls and boys of all ages. We have great clothing that will appeal to anyone with a fun sense of style. We have tasty things that everyone loves. We even have some "guy" kind of things (I'll be highlighting one of those later). We have crafty things and fine art. I guess you could say we are a boutique for everyone. Another plus is that we have a great combination of traditional things along with the latest hot new things. But one of the nicest things to me is that we really try hard to create a nice atmosphere. Not just at the boutique itself - although you will find that being at our show can really get you in a happy holiday mood with all the smells, music and fun - but we try hard to create good relationships with our crafters and customers. We try to be aware of our crafter's life events. We really do care about those that we work with and want them to do well at the show and all year long. We love seeing old friends and making new ones. A few years ago, I noticed that one of the addresses on our mailing list looked familiar. I jotted a quick note telling her that I grew up in that house and would she please introduce herself to me at the boutique. She did. And now I look forward to seeing her each year, finding out about her family and about my old beloved neighbors. These are the kinds of joys that make doing this worth all the work and headaches. We look forward to seeing you and hope that you enjoy this year's show!

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