Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sneak Peek and Winner!!!

Wow! We just finished having a little sneak preview with our vendors tonight. I just have to say that we get to work with the greatest people ever.

We gave a few prizes for various reasons that have made it possible for us to keep doing this for 30 years.

Those vendors who have been with us for the entire ride:

Kathy Buhler
Diane Wiscombe
Linda Tabish
Annette Emmer
Cari Newbold

The vendor who came the farthest for this show:

Kathryn Rae (all the way from Missouri!)

The vendor who dropped off her things to us first last Friday:

Michele Sly

Our youngest crafter:

Ellie Metcalfe (6 years old - check out her flower clips)

We had a little drawing just for the crafters and we'll be calling those who won.

The show looks great - only need to finish a few little signs tonight (you know - "restroom" "please come right in" etc.) and then tomorrow we go full tilt. I'll mention a couple of things that were highlights for me today. Kevin Sybrowsky is the bomb! His metal yard art adds magic and makes the walk into the show like entering a fairyland. Wait until you see the firepit! Beyond beyond! Michelle Glauser brought a quilled paper creation that is so so so to-die-for. You simply must come and see it. Ashley Kennedy's vintage prints. Logan Kiefer's T-shirts and artwork. Valerie Rich's dried florals and Jennifer Sampson's greenery. Grace Rock's cook books. Meeting Donna Dewey! There is no way to list even a fraction of the awesomeness. Just come and enjoy for yourself.

And who is the winner of the $25.00 All Through The House gift certificate?

Holly! Congratulations! Come find me at the show and it will be all yours! I love doing this!

Remember that anyone who brings their moms or their daughters to the show tomorrow gets to enter another giveaway at the show. Nighty night - I'll be dreaming boutique and hoping to see you at the show!

Night night - I look forward to seeing you tomorrow

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Michemily said...

The boutique is looking great. And who is that awesome person who helped you put up all those boutique signs?